Testimonials/Success Stories

Shane Chandler

When I first started with Shane Mills at KageFit in 2013, I weighted 340 pounds at 23 years old. I could only do one pushup and was always in last place during our morning workouts. Shane and the rest of the morning class would constantly push me to do more and do better. I felt like I was part of a family from the first class I took, and I know the guys at KageFit would do anything to help me reach my goals. I wanted to compete in something, so I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Keith Johnson. After I competed in my first BJJ tournament, I was HOOKED. Keith and Shane made training and competing worth every black eye, bloody nose, and sore muscle. After two years of training with my “family”, I’m down 75 pounds, and have just recently placed first in a BJJ tournament. I feel amazing, and proud, but there was no greater feeling than getting my blue belt from some of my best friends. The guys at KageFit have created a place where people like I could train at and feel welcome, with no judgement or shame. KageFit has become my sanctuary and a place I can call home.

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